Our Goals, Our Success

Project Unleashed offers at-risk and incarcerated youth the ability to train rescued dogs, giving the dogs the training they need and the kids the purpose that they may never have experienced before.

Much like rescued dogs, society is frequently willing to give up on these kids. However, many studies show that the most effective way to rehabilitate youth and improve their life path involves providing them with opportunities to better themselves.

For the Youth

  • Develop effective ways of managing behavior and emotions
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Build compassion, trust and greater respect for life
  • Contribute to society
  • Become role models
  • A future…

"The patience I've gained from working with the dogs has really helped in my social life. The understanding and empathic me is coming out. I feel that I have learned how to respect others more." - Project Unleashed Student

"The program has given me the strength to work toward giving myself more self-value and I have made it my personal mission to live this in my daily life." ~Project Unleashed Student

For the Dogs

  • Develop therapeutic skills
  • Develop balanced behavior and social skills
  • Enhance confidence
  • Build stronger bonds between human and canine
  • Earn the Canine Good Citizen certification
  • Become ambassadors in the community
  • A future…

"My self-esteem has gotten a lot higher the past few weeks. Hopefully the things that I've learned and achieved in this program can help me with the things that I want to do in the future." ~Project Unleashed Student

"I know we're here to help the dogs, but it's changing our lives." ~Project Unleashed Student

For the Community

We believe our program provides tangible benefits to society at large, by encouraging students to think beyond their personal histories to:

  • Understand that, like the dogs they train, they too can change their interactions and outcomes
  • Contemplate their actions within a larger social framework
  • Make positive , non-violent choices
  • Contribute to the community

"I had no idea that it would make such a difference in my life and the way I think. The balance between me and my emotional and mental health is outstanding." ~Project Unleashed Student

"By completing this program, each student has experienced an improvement in their relationships and their personal communication style with others – by ten-fold!" ~Shelly Ross, Teacher at Indian Springs Continuation School