Project Unleashed is a unique opportunity for students to learn responsibility, leadership and compassion through their own personal self-discovery by working with rescued dogs. Within the span of a 28-day program, the students learn everything from dog basic handling techniques to developing effective communication. The dogs are by their trainers' side, ready for instruction and looking for feedback. Through the experience, the students develop the ability to empathize, to learn behavioral cause and effect, and to put training into action.

By the end of the course, both dogs and students have expanded their possibilities for a brighter future.

Project Unleashed At a Glance

  • Focused exclusively on serving incarcerated and at-risk youth
  • 28 day program
  • Participants apply and are selected for program
  • Hand-selected rescued dogs receive training
  • Participants can achieve the AKC's Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) certification
  • Dedicated team of professionals:
    • K9 Coach
    • Life Coach/Therapist
    • Program Leader
    • Animal Handlers


Before working with the dogs, students are taught the importance of keeping themselves in a calm state of mind, being aware of their voice and tone, the proper handling techniques of the dogs including how to approach, how to read body language and how to anticipate responses.

All potential dogs will be evaluated by our K9 expert prior to being selected for the Project Unleashed program. The dogs chosen will show calm and balanced behavior with all humans and are compatible with all the other dogs in their working group.


Life Coaching

Students are provided with a personal life coach who introduces interactive exercises and thought provoking discussion in a group setting. Some of the topics the group will explore:

  • Erasing limiting beliefs
  • Breaking the cycle of violence
  • Creative expression
  • Interconnectedness
  • Action vs. inaction
  • Redefining self
  • Creating a positive vision for the future
  • Advocating for humane activism
  • Responsibility to the community
  • CPR Certification – Human and Animal

K9 Coaching

Students are provided with a K9 Coach who brings insight to how humans can affect the emotions and behavior of animals. Students receive intensive hands-on training, imparting:

  • How animals think and learn
  • The concept of positive reinforcement
  • pack mentality
  • The power of body language and verbal cues
  • Applying learned life skills to dog training
  • Working with their dogs to achieve the Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) certification from the American Kennel Club.

Transitional Support

We believe that the long-term effectiveness of our program is solidified through the following support and assistance provided to students through their transition period:
  • Educational guidance and assistance with school placement
  • Career assistance and placement
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Community service hours
  • Mentorship Program
  • Peer Group Support system
  • Home visits and counseling

Program Evaluation Process

In order to monitor and measure the effectiveness of our program, students complete a pre and post-program survey that rates their attitudes, feelings, interests and knowledge. In addition, students maintain weekly progress reports/journals documenting their thoughts and growth throughout the duration of the course. The instructors document all evidence of behavioral improvement in students through the duration of the program.